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Chilling is a long established food preservation process that produces high quality nutritious foods with a relatively short storage life. In general, the term chilling refers to the process in which the temperature of the food is reduced to a low temperature above its freezing point but below the ambient, while the term chilled is used to describe the subsequent state the food is kept in, i.e. the maintenance of the food at that temperature during the rest of the cold-chain.

Current developed food chilling technologies encompass air blast, contact/plate, immersion and spray chilling systems.  Although often considered a separate technology cryogenics can be considered to be a sub field of blast, immersion or spray, depending on how the cryogen is used and the method of application.  Most of these technologies have been with us since the 1960s and although there have been improvements these technologies have essentially remained the same since then.

Find out more about chilling in our publications, articles and links below.  A full list of our publications on cold chain topics can be found here. For more about our past work on this topic please read our research reviews on primary chilling, secondary chilling, chilled storage, chilled transport, retail display and domestic storage.

Our publications on chilling

New published chapter: On chilling and freezing in Food Processing: Principles and Applications

New published chapters: Encyclopedia of Meat Sciences

New published paper: The Food Cold-Chain and Climate Change

Our articles on chilling

Keeping food cold without active refrigeration - Stephen James looks at how to keep food cold without active refrigeration.

How cold is your fridge? -  Steve James and Chris James review recent surveys on temperatures within domestic refrigerators.

The power of modelling: Specifying cake cooling systems - Chris James on how simple computer models can make specifying cooling systems as easy as pie.

The World from 0 to -12°C:  The storage of foods just below their freezing point - Chris James and Steve James review research on the storage of foods in the temperature region between 0°C and -12°C.

When is a frozen vegetable not a frozen vegetable? - Chris James and Steve James review research on supercooling in fruits and vegetables.

Spray cooling myths - Chris James and Steve James comment on myths regarding continuous spray cooling.

Design & operation of local chilled distribution vehicles - Steve James discusses the factors that influence food temperatures during local chilled distribution.

Refrigeration problems in practice - Steve James discusses examples of refrigeration problems we have encountered over the years.

How to specify a refrigeration system - Steve James offers advice on how to specify refrigeration systems.

Heat pick up in chilled chicken carcasses held at ambient - Chris James and Steve James comment on recent work on heat pick up in chicken carcasses.

Interesting links on chilling

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